Skyfly Risk Managements team of pilots, cameras operators, filming equipment and UAS have been assessed by the European Unmanned Systems Centre (EuroUSC™) – Europe’s leading Light UAS Accreditation Specialist for assessing ‘Airworthiness & Pilot Qualifications’.

All of our crew members have undertaken extensive training to achieve a BNUC-S qualification verified by the EuroUSC™ and approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

  • We are permitted to operate a UAS commercially by the CAA but must adhere to the following regulations.
  • We can fly up to 400ft (120m)
  • Fly within 500m radius of take off point whilst remaining visual line of sight of the aircraft at all times.UK Civil Aviation AuthorityEuroUSC
  • We cannot fly directly over buildings, roads or people that are not under our control.
  • Not to fly within 150m of a crowd of people not within our control.
  • Not to fly within 50m of any vehicles or buildings not within our control.