“The insurance business is too much of an art and not enough of a science.”




Skyfly Risk Management Ltd. is an Aerial Filming company specialising in the Insurance sector to provide a variety of solutions to manage your claims and risks.
Using the latest technology we fly drones – or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) – with state-of-the-art camera stabilisation in order to capture ultra high quality footage which can be used to survey and inspect a site.






“According to the Insurance Information Institute, fraud comprises about 10% of property & casualty insurance losses and loss adjustment expenses every year.”

Insurance Companies & The Lloyd’s Insurance Market:

Acting as a quick response unit to the claims team, we provide a precise picture of the severity of each major loss. Our aim is to reduce the chance of fraud and optimise the accuracy of claim payment decisions with the provision of clear and detailed information. SKRM offers a cost and time effective solution to an existing claims procedure which is expensive and time consuming.  Through the process of regular inspection, risk may be monitored regularly, allowing insurers more control in pre-empting and predicting when and where potential adverse circumstances may arise.


The combination of drones and other more traditional data collection methods allows for more accurate assessment of the exposure leading to better tailored terms, conditions and pricing. The use of drones may lead to faster compensation as well as less administrative burden for the client and therefore creates greater customer satisfaction. With the use of Drone, we intend to offer the client a closer and more accessible entry to the composition of their risk.

Loss Adjusters

We support loss adjustor’s in providing the utmost detail required in assessing the extend of a claim. With the use of drones, we expect to drive more accurate reporting in record time. We welcome the opportunity to expand an extremely technical profession whilst providing new and innovative value to the client.



At Skyfly Risk Management, we maintain the highest standards when it comes to our operational procedures, equipment and equipment maintenance. We have a wealth of experience in the UAV industry and conduct all our own maintenance on our aircraft. Please read our frequently asked questions below where you may find the answer you are looking for. If not, drop us an email or a call and we will be happy to help.

Safety & Compliancy



Are you both fully insured and fully licensed?

Yes we are. We have set permissions and guidelines set out by the CAA that we must adhere to. Skyfly Risk are fully insured and we have £10 million public liability cover. All of our pilots and camera operators are BNUC-S qualified. Visit safety compliancy for more information on the rules and regulations on UAV operation.

Do you hire your equipment out to 3rd parties?

We do not, each pilot needs to be certified and licensed by the CAA, with each Aerial System registered to and used by a specific designated pilot. Any job which is required, is flown by our approved operators on approved aircraft.

How much do you charge for a project?

We price each job on an individual basis. Please contact us for a quote and we will be happy to advise and come up with the most accurate costing on your specific requirements. We offer subscription plans and one-off projects.

What sort of weather are you able to fly in?

Heavy rain is an issue for our aircraft and camera systems. Extremely high winds over 25 Knots can cause an issue especially when flying close to obstructions.

How many people are needed to operate the UAV?

Skyfly Risk Managements operates with a two man crew; a qualified pilot to fly the UAV and a camera operator to move and direct the camera. Also quite regularly we will have a third member known as the ‘observer’ whose role is to help with setting up the equipment, managing crowd control & observing for any other air users sharing the same airspace as us.

What is the height, range and speed of your UAV?

Our permission for aerial work provided by the CAA states that a UAV is only permitted to fly up to 400ft (120m). If you require to fly higher we are able to apply for extended permissions which take up to 21 days. We are permitted to fly 500m away from us giving a 1KM radius and can fly up to approx. 50mph. Please note during fly we must keep visual line of the site between the ground crew and the UAV at all times.

How long does it take to set up?

Depending on the aircraft we operate with. The setup time can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on which equipment used. Each flight requires us to conduct a pre-site survey and risk assessments.

What are your service level agreements in the event of a claim?

We will provide the most suitable drone and pilot within 2 working days from the initial request. A detailed report will be provided to the client within 5 working days of the site visit.

Do you cover areas beyond the UK?

Our kit is fully transportable and enables us to use air travel. This allows us to operate on an international scale with short notice. We are required to gain permissions from the countries aviation authority prior to the commencement of filming.



Skyfly Risk have third party property damage and third party bodily injury liability insurance for £5,000,000 with Lloyd’s of London.

Skyjib 8 Titanium

Our most sophisticated UAS is our Skyjib 8 multi-rotor. The platform is constructed from carbon fibre making it incredibly strong whilst remaining light enough to stay nimble in the air.

We Fly Gremsy

Our Skyjib Octocopter system is equipped with our Gremsy H16 Gimbal, meaning we can fly nearly any camera. From Canon 5D Mark III and Sony A7 camera’s to the ARRI Alexa Mini, RED Epic, Sony F55 and more on request.

Live Video Feed & POV

The pilot has a point-of-view display showing us exactly where the aircraft is at all times, allowing us to fly with great accuracy. Our clients can also see a live video feed streamed directly from the UAV so you can see exactly what is being captured. This allows the client to comment and direct the camera operator to their points of interest.

DJI Inspire

Our Inspire drone is our sub 7kg aircraft. This allows us to operate inside London and other congested areas.The drone is equipped with DJI’s latest equipment and software and fly’s a 4K camera to capture extremely detailed imagery.

GPS Waypoint Technology

Our Waypoint GPS Navigation allows our aircraft to fly on its own with it’s flying destination or points pre-planned and configured into the drone remote control navigational software. This instructs the drone where to fly; at what height; the speed to fly at and it can also be configured to hover at each waypoint. It is a route and destination planner for your drone.


On every job our flight crew and clients are equipped with radio communication to ensure every flight runs smoothly, everyone involved is safe, aware of the process, able to listen our for any other air users sharing the same airspace and to allow the pilot & camera operator to work together to achieve the best results possible.


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